Feedback Loops (FBL)

A feedback loop is an agreement you can make with ISPs where they get back to you the identity of complainers in their webmail.

On your side you commit to blacklist the user.

This is very valuable since you stop sending to unhappy subscribers and will drastically lower your complaint rate, and at the end of the day, help your overall deliverability.

The usual info you will need to provide during your subscription to the FBL is :

- IP addresses that you want to receive feedback loop emails for
- The list of domains you want to subscribe
- Need of a valid abuse@ and/or postmaster@ on the domains you want to subscribe
- Your network's contact information: name, contact e-mail and phone
- The e-mail address to which the FBL will be sent
- Volume of emails sent daily/weekly/monthly to the domain of the FBL
- Type of content
- Optin form URL
- Single/double optin registration process

Here is a list of feedback loops. If you see any error or omission, please send me a mail at or comment on the post I made on the email-ethics blog.

note: some organizations such as Spamcop will provide automatic feedback to your abuse@... email address.

Domain(s) Subscribe through
More info
AOL Form  
Bluetie Form  
Comcast Form Returnpath operated
Cox Form Returnpath operated
Mailtrust Form Returnpath operated
MSN/Hotmail Form Link
NetZero/Juno Form  
Rackspace Form Returnpath operated
RoadRunner Form Returnpath operated
Tucows Form Returnpath operated
United Online Form Form Returnpath operated
Yahoo Form Returnpath operated
Earthlink Mail  
Excite Mail  
Outblaze ( Mail Double Optin needed

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